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My name is Garry and I am a Canadian Native English speaker with full ESL accreditation, 47 yrs. old,  have taught English to exchange students in Canada who were attending a college and needed help dealing with the terms and expressions used by their teachers and how to answer or question them. I am also certified Fitness Instructor and have been weight training, body building and all around fitness training for 25 years.  For over 5 years I have tutored over the internet using audio (mic and speakers) like a videophone but at a much lower cost.  With the help and guidance of Microsoft Technical Professionals I have become efficient with Internet tutorials using this elaborate technology.  I now live in Singapore and am conducting tutorials over the Internet in real time using popular audio programs such as MSN and Yahoo Messenger, AOL and Paltalk with microphone and speaker to be able to listen and correct trainees at the same time.

Why Online?

The option of Internet classes can be very beneficial to both parties in that you will not have to pay for airfare, accommodations or any medical expenses.  At present I have numberous students from all over Asia and the Middle East.  One is a Chinese National living in Canada.  I am also tutoring English to Koreans, one who is here in Singapore to pass a logistics test and requires a great deal of training so he is enrolled in an intensive three month course.
Ok, think about it.
Is it too much of a 'stretch' to grasp the idea of having a teacher speak to the class while keeping their attention focused to the front with the aid of an assistant then be able to turn off the qualified instructor at the end of the day without having to pay for a room, food, medical, airfare, holidays, or tours of your fair country?
You probably do think that this is a logical idea, and not untried.  Others are doing it, and successfully, I might add.  Why, then, are you scared?
"It hasn't been done!"
"It doesn't work!"
Have we been there?
Just as many people are being employed.   Even more if you take into account computer repairmen, salesmen, ISP's and tech support.  I have cut the cost to you tremendously.  The cost to me is the same, if not a bit more.  The advantages are endless.  I will not ignore technology but have studied and perfected this skill so I might use it to better others.




Lastly, I teach adults, the working class, Foreign Nationals and exchange students Conversational English.  Learning to write english does not  give you the ability to speak it.  Learning how to speak it doubles your chances of literary success and helps one to fit in with the ever-growing bi-lingual populace.  My intention is to give the best, and most complete guided practice.  All that would be required from you is a computer with internet access, sound capabilities, cordless mic (or a very long cord), speaker and an assistant whom I can communicate with both verbally and on the keyboard and bring the microphone to students to question or answer me.  This is for classroom situations.  For individual tutoring just the basic computer, Internet, mic and speaker.
This method should not scare you.  It is our technology and we should take advantage of it.  Both tryed and true I have been verbally communicating on the internet for over 5 years and it is better than a Hamm Radio, CB, Walkie Talkie or any two-way radio. I upgrade my software daily and have the latest in Virus, Trogan and spyware detection.  All this make for a handy tool in my english instruction.  It is cheaper than the phone, TV and much more convenient than an actual classroom situation or coming to a strange home for tutoring. 
With that, and my proven conversational abilities we team up to make a highly reputable efficient duo.
At Yahoo Messenger my user name is MnRce1
At MSN Messenger my user name is

~Practice does make perfect with the proper guidance~

I will guide you in the right direction using proven steps to instil confidence with patience and a love for the english language coming from you.  Learn, practice, and above all have fun with english.  If you want to learn and your having fun doing it, you will learn faster.




All my friends and students here in Asia write the same way they speak.   Which is no fault of their own.  They merely mimic what they hear from their other friends and relatives.  They have received years and years of classroom education on english grammar, vocabulary, diction, punctuation but without the solid background of spoken english they might as well have learned to knit.  Lacking the conversational english early on in life the other alternative is to practice, practice, practice.  Then.............practice some more.  Practice with a native english speaker who knows his way around a verb.  Not friends who have the same bohemiam adaptation.  They want to improve, not stagnate.

Just because they say something wrong, use the wrong verb, incorrect grammar or fumble with vocabulary doesn't mean they are any less intelligent.  It is a matter of  living in a non-english speaking environment and the lack of, that's right,...........PRACTICE, and not country-bumpkin english, but the Queen's English.

So for those of you wishing to speak better english.........

You have come to the right place.

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